Indoor 25m Pool

Our heated indoor pool is perfect for year-round swimming, whether it be competitive swim clubs, school groups, lap swimming and walking, or free play.

Lap lane availability

If you are looking to swim some laps but want to check how busy the pools will be or are interested in booking a lane, please call on 5722 1723!

We endeavour to keep the schedule accurate however is subject to change without notice. 

Lap lane etiquette

To ensure your lap swimming session is a rewarding one, the following lap lane guidelines have been developed so that all centre users can experience the best visit possible:

  • Show courtesy and consideration to others at all times
  • Comply with poolside signage
  • Select a lane based on your swimming speed and stroke selection (slow, medium, fast). You may need to move to an alternate lane if you change strokes. 
  • Swimmers with flippers should only swim in the medium to fast lanes
  • Keep to the left of the lane/black line at all times
  • Take care when passing another swimmer. Always pass to the right and return promptly to the left of the lane
  • Allow faster swimmers to pass
  • To avoid congestion at the end of the lane, move to the corner of the lane
  • During peak times avoid activities/drills that may disrupt other swimmers
  • Please co-operate with any requests made by the supervising lifeguard