Our Community Promise

We promise that we will work our hardest to be a team you can be proud of.

We will not settle for just being seen as the level of government closest to the community - because we see ourselves as part of the community. We will respond to the challenges that face us both as an organisation and as a community, and we will be courageous when hard decisions need to be made. We will lead when our people need us to, and we will work with others to help get the things that really matter happening. We will not be shy to celebrate our success and the success of people in our community - we are proud of what we achieve.

We may not always be able give you the answers that you want to hear· but we promise we will always tell you the truth. We will take the time to talk to you, to listen to you and to help you, and we will always keep you informed of the things you need to know. We will respect the past, and the things that have come before us - whilst being excited and focused on the future. We will look after your tomorrow.

We will acknowledge and respect our position as decision makers, rule enforcers and fee collectors, but we will do so with a humble and responsible approach. We will deliver the things that remind you every day why it's great to be part of our community.

As a team we will continue to look for ways to create, to imagine, and to improve. We will focus on understanding ways we can be better at what we do, easier to work with, and deliver our services more efficiently. Above all we promise that we will remain driven by the desire to work with you to build an exciting, prosperous and sustainable future.