Group fitness classes are a great way to keep you accountable; motivated and build up your confidence with exercise. We offer a wide range of different classes which cater for all fitness levels & interests.  Come and meet our fabulous & experienced instructors, they create classes that are fun and social. 

NEW AQUA TIMES from Monday 26th September 2022.

�� Mondays
8.35am Aqua Fit with Sue
9.35am Aqua SMILE with Jenny
5.40pm Aqua Fit with Gena
�� Tuesdays
5.40pm Aqua Fit with Gena
�� Wednesdays
8.35am Aqua Fit with Jenny
8.35am Aqua Deep Water with Kylie
5.40pm Boga Fit Fun & Flow with Jenny
�� Fridays
8.35am Aqua Fit with Sue
9.35am Aqua SMILE with Sue
�� Saturdays
10.00am Boga Fit Fun & Flow with Jenny


STRONG FOR LIFE 9.30am Thursdays 

Short time only. A 45-minute circuit class combining pin loaded machines and free weights. Our aim is to increase your strength, balance, confidence, and overall quality of life


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Group Fitness Studio

Monday 6.00am Circuit  9.30am Body Step  10.30am Body Balance   5.40pm Body Pump   6.40pm Body Balance 
Tuesday   9.30am Body Pump
5.40pm Body Attack   6.40pm Body Balance 
Wednesday 6.00am Body Pump  9.30am Strength & Tone 

10.30am Strong Bones, Healthy Heart 

5.40pm Body Step  6.40pm Pilates 
9.30am Yoga 10.30am Body Balance 5.40pm Body Pump  
 Friday 6.00am Circuit 9.30am Body Pump      
 Saturday 8.30am Body Step 9.30am Body Pump      
 Sunday    9.30am Body Pump    4.00pm Body Balance  


Reformer Pilates Studio 

Monday 6.00am Burn 8.45am Align 6.00pm Strength
Tuesday 7.00am Flow 5.30pm Burn
Wednesday 8.45am Strength 6.00pm Burn
Thursday 7.00am Strength
Friday 9.00am Burn 5.30pm Flow
Saturday 9.30am Flow


Cycle Studio

Monday   9.30am Cycle  5.40pm Cycle 
Tuesday 6.00am Cycle 
Wednesday   5.40pm Cycle 
Thursday 6.00am Cycle  5.40pm Cycle 
Friday 6.00am Cycle  10.30am Cycle
Saturday 8.30am Cycle



Aqua Fitness

Monday 8.35am Aqua Fit  9.35am Aqua SMILE  5.40pm Aqua Fit 
5.40pm Aqua Fit 
Wednesday 8.35am Aqua Fit   
Thursday  8.35am Aqua Deep Water 5.40pm Boga Fit
Friday 8.35am Aqua Fit  9.35am Aqua SMILE   
Saturday 10.00am Boga Fit


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