"This Girl Can" Week

Published on 15 March 2021

This Girl Can Timetable

"This Girl Can" Week is coming up from Monday 22 March to Sunday 28 March, and we’re hosting a whole HEAP of fun activities for women who are keen to get moving more. Whatever your background, ability, age or body shape – there’s something new (and fun!) to try in our Group Fitness studios and the gym.

We know that if you have a workout buddy you are more likely to succeed in achieving your fitness goals. So, why not invite a friend to attend a class with you – her attendance is FREE – and you have the pleasure of working out with your “besty”!

As these classes are free, it is first in, first served and there are no online bookings, however you will still need to check in at Reception on arrival. After the week has finished, we will be offering a 21 day pass for $21 for participants if you are interested in becoming a member.

Check out our timetable for classes which are being offered for FREE during "This Girl Can" Week!