Pool Boom Works

Published on 18 March 2021

Outdoor Pool Boom

It was an exciting day on Tuesday in the Outdoor Pool at the Wangaratta Sports and Aquatics Centre with the brand new Pool Boom going in!

A Pool Boom is a movable part which can split a pool into two distinct areas in a number of pool configurations. The 50 metre pool has been set up since opening, however due to Covid-19 and border closures, Browns construction in conjunction with the boom manufacture, S R Smith could not complete the boom commissioning and WSAC staff training until Tuesday 16 March.

On Tuesday, the team moved the boom to the centre of the pool to create 2 x 25m pools, then moved it again to form a 25m women’s water polo and finished off by moving the boom to form the 30m Men’s water polo course.

Whilst the pool was closed between 8.30am and 4.00pm, the WSAC team and council staff were trained in the safe moving of the boom. Browns construction also took the opportunity to survey the pool to ensure that the boom position met FINA guidelines in all set-ups, water polo goals and nets where installed and removed, finally the new 50m lane ropes where installed. The pool was reopened to the public at 4pm.

The photo is of the boom in the 30 metre position with the new men’s water polo goals and ropes.

 We look forward to seeing some water polo events coming soon!